Sunday, 20 September 2020

Best Android Games for Your Tablet

The great thing about tablets is that the larger screen size helps you see your games better, bit they’re still more portable than a laptop. The best game is subjective depending on whether you enjoy card or RPG games. There’s something out there for everyone. Here are a few great games for your Android tablet.

1. Pokémon GO: though everyone has been talking about this game, Pokémon GO became what it is because of its features. The game operates using augmented reality and integrates well into cities all over the world. What’s more, it rivals social media in how it brings people together, allowing to catch Pokémon worldwide.

2. Hearthstone: for card game lovers. Those who are nostalgic for games such as Dungeons and Dragons will enjoy this game. Though the premise is simple, gamers who enjoy monsters and casting spells can take turns during battles.

3. Speedy Ninja: those who enjoy endless runner games will have fun with Speedy Ninja’s fun graphics. Player must pay attention to what’s happening above and below a fuse in order to keep scoring points. You can keep buying weapons and other things when you collect more coins, which is a trend seen in many games at the moment.

4. The Bard’s Tale: a relatively inexpensive RPG, this game has a lot of play time and great graphics to go along with its stories. The game is also quite inexpensive on Google Play and those with third party support can also use it to their advantage.

5. Angry Birds Go!: Another trope on pop culture cartoons that has captured mass audiences, this game is for those who enjoy racing. The graphics are created by a great team of artists and there are many challenges available to players that resemble those of Mario Kart. Players can update their cars and use different features as they progress through various levels of the game.

6. Injustice: Gods Among Us: fans of DC comics will have a lot of fun with this game on Android. Different characters from the comics can battle with the other in order to discover new adventures. You can even battle against teams of three for the ultimate experience. The game is free with in-app purchases and has an array of excellent graphics as well.

7. Marvel Contest of Champions: Marvel fans also have a great Android game they can play on their tablet. The game is free and includes in-app purchases. It runs better on newer tablets, but even those with older tablets can enjoy swiping the screen in different directions to carry out a variety of attacks, making it one of the most responsive games in the industry.

8. Final Fantasy IX: This game has been available in various formats since 2000 and is new to Android, though it has its repertoire of classic characters. One drawback is that the file is large and the price is on the higher end, but this allows players to use all tools from the beginning instead of waiting for in-app purchases and collecting coins, which is common to many games today. Seven boosters are included in the game to make for a better experience as well.

9. SOULCALIBUR: perfect for lovers of more retro games. 90’s nostalgia is in style now from clothes to accessories, so it only makes sense that a game from this era is also one of the best out there. Unlike many games today that have many fancy tools and options, SOULCALIBUR sticks to simple fighters, weapons, and moves. However, it’s a better game for those who prefer to play individually.