Sunday, 20 September 2020

Top Android Apps 2016

2016 isn’t over yet but some apps have used cutting-edge design to their advantage and have already changed the way people interact with their phones and tablets. Below are the top Android apps this year (so far):

Dolphin: this browser is an alternative to more well-known browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. It features a clean design that allows people to read material more easily on websites. It also integrates with other tools such as LastPass and EverNote. Dolphin is probably one the last browsers that still supports Flash.

Seamless: those who enjoy eating take-out have probably already raved about this app. People who live in large cities can use this app to get some food. Unfortunately smaller cities and towns across the country still have yet to support this app, but hopefully it will expand soon.

Writer: this app helps people take notes in the off change that they are way from their computer. It’s useful for people who are on the go, traveling, getting inspired, and staying organized.

Perfect Viewer: this app is known for making it easy to read comics, but also allows people to read PDFs, ebooks, and see images. It can also be synced with DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive so you can always have access to your documents.

Pushbullet: this app allows you to send links and other URLs from your phone to other devices so you won’t have to constantly email yourself whenever you see something you want to save for later. It allows you to send these to your friends and even send lists to your laptop or PC.

PicsArt Photo Studio: This app allows both amateur and even professional photographers edit their pictures for tone, choose from a variety of colors, and even use layers. It also allows users to make collages and uses drawing tools to help edit your pictures.

OverDrive: for those who still enjoy the wealth of information found in libraries, this app allows users to access eBooks available in one’s local library. Over 30,000 libraries are a part of its systems and users can check out books, place holds, and renew their check-outs. A library card or digital equivalent is necessary to use this app.

Shazam: often people hear a catchy tune only to want to figure out who sang it. Shazam allows your phone to “hear” a song and then lets you know the artist. It even includes album cover art as part of its report. It could still use improvement when it comes to sorting out sounds and can’t really be used in crowded areas, but it can still help remove any doubts about popular music.

Net Nanny: perfect for parents, Net Nanny can help children avoid talking to strangers and learn how to use a smartphone until they’re ready to have a bit more independent. There are time management tools, filters, and pornography blocks. Though this won’t solve the problem 100% it still gives parents more peace of mind.

ShopAdvisor: this app shows consumers how items have been priced across time so they can see if they’re getting the best price. Shoppers can also compare costs, set up price alerts so that they can get notifications whenever an item is within their budget, and use the app to help stem shopaholic behaviors.

Venmo: this app allows you to pay for things using your phone and even allows you to accept payments from others. It comes especially handy when splitting a check or whenever someone conveniently “forgot their wallet.” It also has a clean design and is known for being easy to use.