Saturday, 31 October 2020

Useful Android Apps

Telephones can provide a source of distraction, but they can also help you keep up to date with tasks, get things done, and even keep track of workouts. Here are some top android apps you can use to stay more organized and in some cases, more fit.

CloudMagic: this app helps you stay on top of things if you have various email addresses. You simply input the information and then proceed to check them all with one click. It also helps you use software such as Trello, Evernote, Zendesk, and Google Calendar, which makes it great for those who work in digital collaborative environments.

LastPass: if you log in to various websites using your many passwords, you can use LastPass to save passwords into your mobile device. It’s great for those who have to consistently log in to emails and services that require a password and can be synced with your laptop for an additional fee.

Strava: running and cycling enthusiasts swear by this app because of how well it keeps track of workouts. The app uses GPS information to track distance as well as other data. Strava even helps keep track of progress as you go along and adds games and even challenges to keep exercise exciting. For an additional fee, premium Strava users can also see if any of their friends are also running or cycling.

CamScanner: Scanners are becoming more obsolete, but people occasionally need to scan official documents. This app enables you to scan documents and email them. For an extra fee, some may even be able to fax the document. The app also comes with tools that allow for collaboration, editing of documents, and image to text.

Crackle: Netflix and Hulu are still the internet’s best way to watch old TV shows and movies, but Crackle allows you to watch TV from your Android phone or tablet. The app is free and used to show only material from Sony Pictures Entertainment but has since been updating its repertoire to include more current TV shows.

Mint: this app began as a website and allows users to sync their debit or credit card information to better track where their money is going. You can even track your checking and savings accounts. The data gathered can help people budget better and have a more realistic picture of what is happening to their money. The app also provides easy to read graphs and charts so users can visualize data clearly.

SystemPanel App: Much of your phone’s battery is wasted on things that may be open that you’re not using. The app is relatively cheap and helps users keep track of apps you use often, that wake up even if you don’t want them to, and can help you keep your apps under control.

LoungeBuddy: frequent travelers will appreciate this app because it can help them find a lounge to hang out in when there are long layovers or delays. LoungeBuddy can help travelers identify a lounge at more than 500 airports all over the world, helping them make travel a more pleasurable experience. It can even help users find lounges that can be used for free or that charge a one-time fee.

VLC for Android: this app allows users to play all variety of media on their phone using only one program. The app can play common formats such as .mp4 and .mpeg, but can also recognize .flac files and even .mkv. It can even help users organize their media files and supports streaming from networks.