Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Best iPad apps of 2013

The iPad apps have seen a lot of activity this year. A number of new apps for the iPad have been made available on the Apple Store that not only provide entertainment to the users but are also great for usability as well.

The iPad apps that have been churned out this year are quite diverse in nature. There are many brand new apps that have been created from scratch, while the older ones have seen a total makeover. The following are some of the best iPad apps of 2013 to have surfaced on the Apple App Store.

Entertainment and Social Networking

These are the iPad apps for entertainment and social networking that have created the buzz among the iPad owners.

• Netflix

• Songza

• Movies by Flixter

• Hangouts

• Google+

Among the entertainment apps released for the iPad in 2013 the ones to have made the most impact includes Netflix and Movies by Flixter. These two apps provide users a great dose of entertainment: Netflix offers HD viewing of TV shows and films while Movies by Flixter offers information regarding all the latest releases and which cinemas near you are playing them.
You must have a subscription to the video service of Netflix for getting the maximum out of this app though. Songza is a music app for iPad users which offers them the chance to listen to music depending, on their moods. Having predefined moods, the app plays music that you want to hear– at a particular time. There’s a downside, though! For now, this iPad app is only available in US and Canada. Google+ and Hangouts are both Google apps developed for the iOS that are offer a number of cool options for the users, making them the best apps for social networking for the iPad.

News and Productivity

The following are the recently released iPad apps in the news and productivity categories that are making all the right headlines.

• Flipboard

• Pulse

• Paper

• Evernote

• Chrome

Flipboard is an excellent news app for the iPad users that not only offers you the chance to browse through news categories, but also lets you organize all of your social networking accounts in a single intuitive layout.

Pulse is another great news app that dishes out news items and stories from the websites of your choice. The streamlined interface of this app is its greatest quality that sets it apart from other news apps. Paper is a great design app that allows you to make sketches on the go while Evernote app helps a user in organizing all of his important notes and documents. The best thing about the Evernote app is its interface which resembles quite a lot to a filing cabinet.

Google’s Chrome browser for iPad is a great alternative for the inbuilt Safari browser that offers you a lot of cool options that all of the native browsers fail to provide. Each of these iPad apps has something new in store for the users.