Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Best iPad Games of 2013

The iPad games have always been a treat for the users. The latest breed of iPad games to have been released follows the same tradition; they offer a great deal of entertainment for the iPad owners.

Using the larger screen space as well as the sharper graphics, the iPad games of 2013 deliver an experience that cannot be matched by the games on any other device. From strategy based games to simple racing and endless running games, there is a wide variety of iPad games that have been added to the Apple App Store this year that are sure to bring out the gamer in you.

Racing and Running Games

The following are some of the recently released iPad games in the racing and running categories that have shown the most promise.

• Real Racing 3

• Riptide GP 2

• Rayman Jungle Run

• Temple Run 2

The Real Racing 3 and Riptide GP 2 are among an awful lot of racing games developed for the iPad that make full use its extraordinary graphic capabilities. Both these games are quite addictive and can keep a person hooked for hours on end. While Real Racing provides you the chance to race real-life looking cars at scenic locations, the Riptide GP 2 allows you to race hydro jets on water.

The visual quality of these games is what makes them so pleasurable for the users. The running games on the iPad have always fascinated the gamers; the Rayman Jungle Run and Temple Run 2 are the newest additions to this category. With numerous levels and an endless supply of fun and entertainment, both these games are must have for all iPad users, regardless of the age group they belong to.

Strategy and First Person Shooting Games

The following are the best strategy and first person shooting games that have been added to the Apple App Store this year.

• Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

• Ravenmark: Mercenaries

• Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

• Overkill

Strategy games have always sparked the interest of the iPad users. The Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time and the Ravenmark: Mercenaries are the latest games in this niche to have been introduced to the iPad gamers.

Both of these games are thoroughly challenging and test the tactical skills of the gamers to the limit. The graphics of these games are excellent and the gameplay is quite engaging too, making them the best strategy games of 2013. When it comes to first person shooters, the Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Overkill are the recent headline makers in the iPad gaming world.

Providing a shooting experience like no other, both these games utilize the enhanced graphic display of the iPad, to make the action seem all too real. All of the iPad games mentioned above are excellent in their own right and provide loads of entertainment and fun to the users. So, don’t hesitate and download them now.