Sunday, 20 September 2020

Best iPhone & iPad Small Business Apps

Starting a small business is no easy task, but apps for your iPhone or iPad can definitely help you stay organized, up-to-date and save money on assistants until your business gets bigger. Here are some top-rated small business apps for your iPhone or iPad.

NoteTaker HD: perfect for people who still enjoy writing notes down by hand. This app allows you to turn your iPad into a virtual notebook. After taking notes, you can turn them into PDFs. You can also color code your notes as you write and the app has functions to keep you from accidentally making contact. Various templates are available and you can even protect your notes with a password.

Office2: Though there are many apps that allow people to work with Microsoft Office Suite on the iPad, this update for Office2 allows users to track changes. For those who rely on collaborative efforts or who work in jobs that involve a lot of writing, this is a great tool to ensure any changes are seen by other team members. It is available for both iPhone or iPad.

Intuit GoPayment: this free app allows you to accept payments on your iPad using a card reader. Transaction fees are also accessible and this is a great alternative to expensive credit card readers that require a landline, and great for itinerant small businesses or conventions.

Analytics HD: this allows small businesses to check their Google Analytics on the iPad. See what keywords are attracting customers to site, where people are from, and other useful statistics to ensure you’re captivating the right audience with your online marketing.

Fax Print & Share for iPad: small businesses still occasionally need to fax documents to customers, organizations, banks and others. The app costs $5.99 and enable businesses to print documents as well. A pro version is available for $8.99.

Evernote: this helps businesses stay organized by storing photos, web content, and other documents necessary to keep businesses running. Teams can also share documents to ensure they always have the same information. Evernote is available for a yearly fee.

1Password: some businesses require a host of services that need a password. This app allows you to access the various websites and services you use for your business with the ease of having them all in one place. The app also helps keep your passwords secure by checking for unauthorized logins.

Skitch: this app can be used to add notes to pictures and PDFs in order to clarify items with your clients. This can help you highlight certain areas of documents effortlessly making communication easier with your customers and team members.

Omni suite: Omni has been producing many high-quality apps small businesses can use. These tools are now available for the iPad and include project management (OmniPlan), diagramming (OmniGraffe), as well as task management, graphing, and brainstorming apps. These can all be purchased separately, which is great for businesses who may not need the entire suite.

Mindnode: brainstorming is a part of what helps many businesses thrive. The interface of this app is clean, thus allowing small businesses to brainstorm, form strategies, and solve problems creatively and neatly.

BizXpense Tracker: part of why many new businesses fail is that they don’t stay within their budget. With this app, small businesses can track expense data, generate useful reports, and even help keep track of expenses using various currencies. This is quite useful in today’s globalized economy, especially for businesses with clients and dreams of worldwide expansion.