Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Best Learning Apps For iPhone and iPad

Add some learning to your leisure time with our selection of educational apps

1. Infographics
Infographics is a very odd app. Consisting of an array of visual aids that document a range of subjects, it’s hard to determine exactly who this is aimed at. From charts on the recent Emmys and which profession the nominated fictional characters held down, to more expected charts, such as Android vs iPhone, it’s essentially a group of articles spanning all kinds of different ideas. If you luck out and find one that pertains to you, then it’ll work a treat. If you don’t – and this seems more likely than not – then you’ll probably be as baffled as us as to its relevance.

2. Affogato
The perfect app for the coffee connoisseur, Affogato is a huge, detailed encyclopaedia of coffee blends, brewing techniques, terminology and recipes for the perfect cup of coffee. If you need to know the difference between a Barista and Blonding, then look no further than this well-presented, insightful app. The beautifully designed interface makes learning about coffee more interesting and the app is constantly being updated to add more phrases, blends and tips for instructions. A marvellous app.

3. Cliqz
This is a poor news feeder app, the likes of which number into the millions on the App Store. It professes to be all about ranking content and sharing it with others – so far, so dull, but it is also delivered in a tacky interface with badly cropped images and a distinct lack off air. It may be free, but Cliqz is a waste of time that tries to be current and cool, but just ends up being just yet another dire news app that you really shouldn’t waste a second of your time on. Avoid at all costs!

4. IFR Magazine
This app is a subscriptionbased digital version of the Thomson Reuters IFR Magazine – a source of international capital markets news and analysis. Written by many former market professionals, the magazine itself keeps interested traders enthralled with unbiased coverage of the world’s financial matters and although the look and design of the magazine won’t exactly blow you away, the content is absolutely cracking and comes from all around the world to provide a wellrounded and informative eye on the financial world.

5. Delta Daily
Even though the clue is in the title, we were somewhat surprised to discover that this news app is dedicated to bringing you all the latest happenings in the celebrity life of Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrum. Pulling stories, sightings and snaps from a wide range of sources, the app is well maintained and updated very regularly and will undoubtedly provide a rich source of entertainment for Delta’s legion of fans. It is certainly a masterclass on how fan apps should be done, however, but this particular app is limited.