Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Cool/Crazy iPad Accessories

The iPad is an extremely useful device that comes at a premium price. This is the reason why people go to great lengths to ensure its safety and keep looking for accessories, such as iPad cases, that can house their investment in a safe manner.

The iPad accessories are seen as a means not only for the safekeeping of these devices, but also for making full use of their extreme potential. However, off late the iPad accessories that are making all the buzz in market are downright crazy; some would say are bordering on the verge of insanity. The following are some of the craziest accessories that are surely going to leave your mouth hanging.

Green iPad Charger

The foldable solar charger for the iPad is an accessory that is aimed at charging the iPad with solar energy for conserving the environment.

It has the following perceived benefits.

• It allows you to charge your iPad out in the open on the go.

• Your will be able to use your iPad without worrying about draining its battery.

• You will save the environment too.

Even though the advantages of this crazy iPad accessory make it look quite beneficial, it is not that practical. For starters this accessory is quite heavy and you cannot take it around with you. Moreover, it comes at a hefty price tag of $300 and can only charge your iPad during the day.

Luxury iPad Seating

The elite home theatre seating iPad chair is an iPad accessory that comes with an iPad stand. You can stand a chance to enjoy the following benefits from this crazy accessory.

• Turn your iPad in to a personal home theatre

• Enjoy watching videos and movies while sitting in a plush leather chair.

The idea behind this iPad accessory might seem quite inviting but again it is quite impractical. First of all, it takes out the portability of the iPad, confining you to watch the videos or movies only while sitting in the chair. Secondly for a price of $2,500, it is even costlier than the iPad itself.

The iPad Suiting

If you like taking your iPad everywhere you go then the custom iPad suit offered by the Mohan’s Tailors could come in handy for you.

• This suit has a large inside pocket for keeping your iPad safe.

• You won’t even have to carry an iPad bag with you.

An iPad suit, custom made for housing the iPad, is a unique idea that might appeal to some people who hate parting away from the iPad, even for a second. However, it is just crazy to spend $600 on a simple suit that has a pocket large enough for fitting an iPad. Furthermore, the bulging pocket of your suit is surely going to make you look quite awkward when walking as well.

All of the iPad accessories mentioned above are ridiculously crazy but still iPad owners do buy them. The developers of these mind boggling accessories use the people’s love for their iPad, to sell these unusual items.