Tuesday, 11 August 2020

How to develop an iPad app

iPad app development is considered by many people to be a very challenging and complicated task. Even though it is true that it’s not a straightforward process, it isn’t the most difficult thing either; a person with a little knowhow of programming and basic computer skills can easily develop an iPad app.

With modern tools and helpful guides available on the internet, developing an iPad app has become an easier affair. You would only have to do a bit of reading and get up-to-speed with the requirements of app design for coming up with an iPad app of your own. The following are some of the basic steps that you would have to follow in order to develop an iPad app.

Choosing the Development Platform

Before you start developing your iPad app, you would have to first choose the development platform that you want to use for creating your iPad app.

The following are the two platforms that you can choose from.

• Xcode

• Corona

Xcode is the designated app development platform that is recommended by Apple. It utilizes objective-C as its base programming language and can be downloaded for free from the Apple website. However, do remember that Xcode only works on a Mac so if you don’t have it, you would need to buy it first.

Corona is the other app development platform that can be utilized for creating iPad apps. It is easier to understand for budding developers than Xcode and can be used for developing apps for Android and iOS.

Utilizing the iPad’s Unique Features

When developing an app for an iPad, it is necessary that you design the app in such a way that it utilizes as many features of the iPad as it can.

• The app must incorporate the use of either the camera or the touch screen of the iPad.

• Keep in mind the limitations of the iPad.

For developing a versatile and useful app, it is necessary that you model your app for utilizing the iPad’s unique features— like the onboard camera or its capacitive touchscreen display. Moreover, it is also important that you remember the constraints associated with an iPad, most notably its virtual keyboard and the absence of a mouse when designing your app.

Submitting the app on the App Store

The last phase in the development of an iPad app is its submission to the App Store which will require you to perform the following tasks.

• Become a member of Apple’s developer program.

• Get a developer’s certificate.

When you have finished designing your iPad app, the last thing remaining is to submit it to the Apple App Store. However, for doing this you would have to first enroll in Apple’s developer program, which has a subscription fee of about $99 per year.

You will also need to get your hands on to a developer’s certificate as well which is available at the iOS Dev Center, at which point you will become eligible to submit your app for evaluation.

By following all of the abovementioned steps in the right order, you can easily come up with a nice iPad app of your own without encountering too many troubles.