Saturday, 31 October 2020

8 iOS apps that help your productivity

One of the biggest differentiators between successful and unsuccessful people is their productivity. Here are a few productivity Apps for iPhone users. Everyone knows about Evernote and DropBox. My goal here was to give you some great lesser known Apps.

OmniFocus 2: This is a tasking App that has the declared focus of “capturing thoughts and ideas into to do lists.” Not necessarily a revolutionary concept, but OmniFocus does it better than others. It’s compatible with the Apple Watch and extremely feature rich. Some features are customizing the way the user views the tasks and an extensive AppleScript API. ($39.99)

Things: Things is made by Cultured Code in Germany. The main unique value of this App is that it’s much easier to use than OmniFocus. Of course, this comes with a small decrease in functionality compared to OmniFocus. Things can still give you reminders, organize tasks and pretty much do whatever you can imagine. ($9.99)

Productive: I personally use Productive and it is great. It’s geared towards developing good habits. The theory is that consistency is the determining factor in forming habits. Updating takes about 1 minute per day. The best part is that it gives you analytics about what percentage of days you perform which habit successfully. I know I would forget for any period longer than a week. (FREE)

30/30: 30/30 is great because it has a time component. Set a task along with a length of time and 30/30 becomes your personal trainer for the next 30 minutes. Customer reviews indicate this is great for people with ADHD. (FREE)

Asana: Asana is geared towards team productivity. It is also another App I can recommend from personal experience. I’m sure you’ve experienced just how difficult it is to track what/when/ how needs to get done through email. Asana puts it all in one spot and allows comments, pictures and uploads of nearly any file type. (FREE)

Day One: Your best ideas just never seem to come at the perfect time. Day One proclaims itself the #1 App for journaling. This is a crucial component of productivity. Upload photos, create shortcut keys and even export PDFs with smart filters. ($39.99)

Tiny Scanner: PDF scanning is by no means the sexiest thing in business. But especially for those who travel, finding a scanner can be a major hinderance to productivity. This App creates a 100% professional (I’ve successfully used this for military documents ) PDF scan by linking to
your camera. From there, send it by fax or email wherever you’d like. (FREE)

Remember the Milk: This App wins the award for most eye catching name in my opinion. This is similar to Asana in that it is geared towards team task completion. It’s a little more feature rich and thus a little more complicated to use than Asana. This App syncs to email, text, Twitter, Evernote and more! (FREE)