Tuesday, 14 July 2020

iPad 2 review

Just like the MacBook Air, the new iPad 2 has a really nice light quality to it and it makes the device portable and efficient. Despite its weight and size, the bulk of the unit is incredibly strong and should last the test of bag, coat pockets, and backpacks.

After first turning it on, the first thing to note is the speed of powering up; although we don’t quite know the RAM just yet, the device does hold dual-core A5 processors which helps with the speed. One demo staff member said that the RAM was 256MB but we would say that this is a little low judging by our brief encounter with the tablet.

Additionally, Safari has been improved for both gaming and simple web browsing and it flicks between screens with incredible pace. Many will be put off by the fact that it uses the same iOS software as its predecessor but in truth, it handles much better and runs a lot smoother. All in all, it seems as though Apple has hit the mark but we await further videos to see just how quickly it runs.