Tuesday, 14 July 2020

iPad 2: ‘Smart’ bezel technology

With the release of the iPad 2 coming this April, news reports and various ‘leaks’ are constantly filling the internet. So far, we have seen many different features that could be on the device set to outdate the original iPad. However, one of the biggest pieces of news regarding Apple in general has been the leak of a patent application and it could shape the iPad 2 as well as future iPhone models.

Thanks to PatentlyApple, we have seen a patent filing that describes a feature that could be set to make its way onto future Apple products. Essentially, the feature would use bezel technology to implant sensors around the screen of the device. Once in place, the user can tap, touch, or even squeeze certain sections around the screen to provide an action which will correspond to a feature on the screen itself. Since Apple has been working on various multi-gesture supports, this feature may not be limited to the display itself. Is this going to make an appearance or is it just another rumour?