Tuesday, 14 July 2020

iPad 2’s Thunderbolt Port set to destroy the competition?

In recent years, we have seen tablet and phone producers looking to get one over on their rivals and it seems as though Apple has won the most recent battle having secured Intel’s Light Peak technology for the Thunderbolt Port. The feature, which is to be added to the new MacBook Pro, is exclusive to Apple until at least 2012 but could we see it on the iPad 2 as well?

Apple’s current tablet is the best-selling device of its kind and the upgrade, iPad 2, is due in April. There is no doubt that Apple would keep existing customers and secure a few new ones if the Thunderbolt is added to the most recent addition to their catalogue of products. With 10GBs of input-output capacity, HD can be completed in just 30 seconds with high-speed connectivity. Many experts are saying that the extra-slim design of tablets makes it perfect for the similar connector.

Many are considering moving over to competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Motorola Xoom, because of Apple’s lack of regular ports. However, the Thunderbolt would solve this problem immediately if it were to be included in the iPad 2 and the playing field would be levelled once more.

It is important to note that Apple hasn’t strictly got exclusivity of Intel’s Light Peak technology but the company has said that they aren’t looking to work with any other manufacturers before early 2012.