Tuesday, 14 July 2020

iPhone and Verizon to finally meet

In recent years, much of the conversation in technology has been regarding the relationship between iPhone and Verizon. For much of this time, is has been a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ but the wait is set to be over as 2011 is the expected date for the move.

In a recent report from Fortune Magazine, a CDMA version of the iPhone is set to be produced which will be released on Verizon and very much concludes the early rumours. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs said that both companies ‘missed something’ by not teaming up earlier but they are now set to make amends later in 2011. At first, the device isn’t expected to support LTE as this is something that will be added when the Verizon iPhone 5 comes around.

This news won’t be a shock to many people but is it too late? Will the Verizon iPhone 4 be able to compete with the amount of other Verizon LTE devices that can be found on the market? In truth, the support that Apple and Verizon has suggests that it won’t be a problem at all.