Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Motion Doctor iPad App

Blue Whale Web Solutions, a leading interactive firm specializing in iPhone and iPad application development, announced today updates to the Motion Doctor iPad app. Built with Conshohocken Physical Therapy, a leading practice located outside of Philadelphia, the Motion Doctor app is a video-enabled reference tool for consumers, patients and physical therapy practitioners.

Conshohocken Physical Therapy’s Motion Doctor iPad app contains 60 professionally shot videos that showcase the proper form for various physical therapy exercises. It is intended as a reference tool for a wide variety of people who desire to prevent pain and continue an active lifestyle. Physical therapists that prescribe home exercise programs can use the app to guide patients on proper technique. In addition to videos, Motion Doctor also provides a FAQ section that provides more information about the overall benefits of physical therapy. The app is not intended to replace in-person physical therapy care, and includes a nationwide search tool to help patients find an experienced physical therapist in their area, provided by PTPN.

The updated Motion Doctor iPad app includes additions to its unique filtering capabilities that make it more relevant to a wider group of people. Users can filter their recommended exercises by four main categories, including body parts, activity, sport, and profession. This filtering is unique in the physical therapy app marketplace and allows users the ability to receive personal tailored instruction on relieving and preventing pain.

Once downloaded, the Motion Doctor app’s full features can be utilized without a live wireless connection. All of the videos are embedded within the app, instead of being streamed over the internet, meaning users can practice exercises at any location.

“We developed this app as a useful resource for both consumers and those in the PT field,” said Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, staff physical therapist and co-owner of Conshohocken Physical Therapy. “Motion Doctor is intended to help people prevent pain and the incidence of injuries. It also promotes the benefits of working with a licensed physical therapist and the long-term health improvements that can result.”

“The Motion Doctor app stands out from traditional medical field apps which can be text-heavy and lacking in design,” said Gregg Weiss, CEO and Founder of Blue Whale Web Solutions. “This app appeals to people seeking quality physical therapy information through its professionally shot videos and a crisp user-friendly interface. It is a great example of the power of smart design, which presents very useful information in a pleasing and simple to use package.”

Built specifically for iPad devices, the Motion Doctor app is available now on Apple’s App Store for $14.99.