Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Top Communication Apps For iPad

Here’s the list of top 5 Communication Apps For iPad.

1. TagUp
This app allows you to create a group of ‘tagees’ and then monitor where they are on a map. That’s kind of it, really. We suppose it does serve a purpose and would prove handy for paintballing teams and orienteering groups to track the position of your teammates, but the interface is pretty bland and devoid of features in version 1.0. Future updates are promised by the developer soon so hopefully it’ll be fleshed out into something a little more engaging, but for now we feel it is just a no-frills app with limited uses.

2. InstaCaster
If you’re a fan of social networking, you’ll like this app, as it provides clutter-free broadcasting to Facebook and Twitter. You only need to log on once to each service and after that, broadcasting updates is quick and easy. Twitter users in particular will appreciate the URL shortening capability. But although it provides a very clear service, paying out for an app that does what the main apps should do as standard is hard to swallow, so it may be worth waiting for a few updates to see if the matter is addressed.

3. TransFire XP
TransFire XP is essentially an instant messaging app – of which there are hundreds of thousands – but with a big difference. If you have friends or colleagues on the other side of the world that speak a different language to you then you can type a message in your native language and then get it instantly translated into another language before sending. The translations are instantaneous and, we presume, correct, making this a brilliant free app to sit on your Home screen. It can even act as a simple phrase translator. Fantastic.

4. Tweetsport
If you want to open the floodgates for a deluge of sports-related Twitter posts from all around the world then this app will merrily thrust them at you, despite the fact that you’ll never have enough minutes in the day to read them all. You can filter your content by specific types of sport (though, strangely, not more than one sport at a time) and tabs at the bottom of the screen filter your posts further – one such category allows you to view all the posts by actual players, which is undoubtedly what saves this app from being completely throw-away.

5. Yiip Voice Messenger
Yiip Voice Messenger adds a social element to recording and sharing sounds using your iPhone’s built-in microphone. It’s not the first social service for sound recordings, but it does focus on what people are saying rather than music they’ve created – like a spoken Facebook status. Like any other social service, you can find and follow friends, listen to their recordings (or ‘Yiips’) and record your own. You can even add effects and manipulate recordings thanks to a powerful, built-in editor.