Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Top Entertainment Apps For iPhone and iPad

A look at some of the apps that’ll help you pass the time on a long journey

1. The Lady Magazine
Delivering a huge archive of Lady Magazine back issues from across the years, this app presents them all in a highquality reader format. To access issues you must first subscribe for £1.47 for seven days or £39.99 for a year, however, it’s a quality reader with brilliant content that covers a wide range of topics, news and reviews for intelligent, articulate people. Though the format isn’t particularly exciting when compared to other digital mags, the content shines through.

2. Absolute Radio 60s
The Absolute Radio 60s app provides streaming content from one of the UK’s largest independent network radio stations. Alongside music from various decades there are also links to comedy, sport and movie-based podcasts. Some content requires a free Absolute account but even for the non-committal there’s plenty of great content. So if you like your sounds planted firmly in the retro, golden age of rock ‘n’ roll then this digital radio app is sure to provide plenty of foot-tapping content to keep you bopping throughout the day.

3. GA
The first of its kind, GA is a vocal coaching app for Bollywood music that covers the basics like breathing exercises as well as interesting theories like mind meditation. The app includes audio demonstrations and you can compare your own attempts by recording them against those in the app in order to perfect your performance. There is enough coaching advice here to help develop your voice for a variety of different singing styles besides those of a Bollywood ilk, but there are also cheaper ones available.

4. Justin Bieber News HQ
A hub for all Bieber news, the app allows you to see the latest media on the singer from a range of sites, as well as view photos and video clips. The app comes with social network links to Facebook and Justin’s official Twitter feed so you have every angle covered when it comes to the latest gossip. Obviously the app is very specialist and those who aren’t partial to Bieber’s foppish hair and childish good looks need not apply, but this is nevertheless a good fan app that is packed full of content.

5. The Tom Joyner Morning Show
This client app gives you direct access to the popular US radio show aimed at Black America. You can see the show’s playlist and buy songs from iTunes as well as create a favourites section, all while you’re listening to the show live. As radio clients come, this is hard to beat and there are plenty of cool features to keep you engrossed, such as Little Known Black History Facts and interesting guests. Fans of the show will be in their element with this great free download.