Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Top Health Apps For iPad

Keep in shape and track your fitness with the finest health apps out there

1. Pocket Yoga
If you are interested in learning and practising yoga, there are few better ways to get started than with the Pocket Yoga app. A multitude of poses are included alongside vocal and illustrative guides to ensure that you are getting the poses just right. Add to this a low price and an enticing interface and you will struggle to go wrong with the wealth of content that is included. AirPlay support is here alongside Retina compatibility for the iPad and this completes an exceptional app that will teach and keep you fit every time you use it.

2. Family Illness and Shot Tracker
This is a very simple app, but one that could prove crucial when dealing with illnesses in the future, because you can log all of your family members and the illnesses they have suffered. With dates, medication and all sorts of other information, the record you keep will prove useful for those in the medical profession.

3. 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training
5K Runner is designed to help you gradually build up your stamina and speed by offering tips and a visually impressive method of showing you your progress. You can keep records of each run to closely monitor your progress and then record your achievements as you enter events and become more serious.

4. How to protect your eyesight
This app is beneficial in that it does offer many tips on keeping your eyesight healthy, but many of them are so basic that common sense will often be preferable. The section on food is, however, particularly useful and so you will learn something new and the overall presentation makes it easy to understand.

5. Exercise Calculator
Calculating exercise and food intake can be complex at the best of times, but Exercise Calculator lets you do so with a minimum of fuss. Simply scroll up and down the values to enter your records and then check them all in a list or graph whenever you need to. You can then email the data to yourself or anyone else who needs to see your progression.