Sunday, 20 September 2020
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Choosing the Best Gaming Speakers for PC and Mac

Every gamer wants to enjoy a total immersion while playing favorite games. Looking for a decent, yet affordable, device to upgrade your PC audio? Having the very best pc gaming speakers is what can significantly enhance your gaming experience, especially when it comes to new games that support surround sound and other latest technologies. A good sound system not only takes your excitement to the next level but also can help play better through making every single sound clearly audible.

You can also keep THX certification in mind, which is basically an evidence of compliance with an exclusive set of quality and performance standards established by the Lucasfilm Ltd., a world-renowned film production company. A decent gaming speaker can be rather expensive, so we’ve concentrated on the mid-priced products. From $50 to about $150, all these very best gaming speakers are great for gaming though the overall audio quality can slightly differ.

1. Z623 Home 2.1 Speaker System 400W by Logitech

This product is certainly an undisputed leader featuring high customer satisfaction level and reasonable price. The best gaming speakers with subwoofer deliver the incredibly powerful sound with crisp highs, mids, and lows, which aligns with a phenomenal omnidirectional subwoofer making this system sound more like a 5.1 setup. This speaker system enables you to hear immersive studio-quality audio with 400W of peak (200W RMS) power capacity.

The integrated control allows adjusting the volume and bass up or down to customize your listening experience just perfect. This powerful 2.1 audio system incorporates two satellite speakers and a subwoofer and pairs just fine with up to three audio devices (built-in RCA and 3.5mm inputs), so you can easily connect your computer and game console with these speakers. This unit delivers a big sound that can fill even large spaces, like entertainment rooms, so you can arrange the top-level gaming tournaments for your playmates right in your garage or basement.

Home 2.1 Speaker System 400W by Logitech price on Amazon

2. ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified Computer Speaker System by Klipsch

These speakers look a bit old fashioned though, they are also in a great demand. Actually, these are probably one of the most popular 2.1 sound systems over the past several years. Being a bit more expensive though, these very best pc gaming speakers feature solid, durable, and yet compact construction, the incredible audio fidelity, theatre-like sound fulfillment, and fantastic volume control.

This three-piece audio setup is THX-certified and provides good accuracy in every aspect of sound reproduction. The exclusive MicroTractrix horn that is used in satellites maximizes clarity and high-frequency dispersion from all kinds of audio digital technologies. Every speaker has the 35W capacity, 200-watt digital hybrid amplifier, and subwoofer has 130W power to provide the full-bodied stereo sound with low-end slam, varying in between 31 to 20 kHz frequency response range. The gaming sound system incorporates a convenient headphone jack and doubled stereo analog inputs (for computer or headphone and for a portable audio device).

This product is compatible with any device connectible via jack or mini plug inputs.

THX-Certified Computer Speaker System by Klipsch price on Amazon

3. SW-G2.1 500- 2.1 Gaming Subwoofer Speakers with Deep Bass by Genius

This unit is a perfect price-ratio quality, and that’s why a pretty popular product among gamers. As one of the best gaming speakers these days, this set includes a gaming speaker system and a wooden RMS 15W subwoofer, which pair together to deliver the crystal clear sound and the deep and rich bass. The special built-in amplifier IC enhances the strong bass effect even more. Wooden loudspeakers also promote solid, yet clear, sound, while the dynamic audio crossover enables clear acoustics.

The speakers are totally easy to control via their convenient tone controllers, separate for volume and bass. The audio set features wide compatibility as it has a reliable wired connection via 3.5mm audio jack AUX input, suitable for most computers, laptops, MP3 players, and Smartphones. Choose the device, plug, and play to get a truly immersive gaming experience. The sound speaker may have some drawbacks, we all have, but it’s totally inexpensive and well worth the money.

Gaming Subwoofer Speakers with Deep Bass by Genius price on Amazon

4. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers for PC by Bose

These mid-range very best pc gaming speakers have a unique cabinet design that results in deeper low-end performance and much more detailed sound so important for feeling into the music, video, and games. This product also features wide sound coverage and the sound that extend far beyond the desktop area. The sound quality is crystal clear at any volume (even at maximum volume there’s no telltale speaker hiss), the sound is spacious and lifelike. This is possible because the special TrueSpace digital signal processing circuitry can provide a consistently clear and full sound and the overall high-quality audio performance.

As many users are used to, there’s the volume control on front of the right speaker, the standard headphone jack is also there. The unit is also fitted with the auxiliary input for connecting with an additional audio device like Smartphone. Both Mac and Windows XP operating system are perfectly compatible with these speakers, so you can play games using your favorite device.

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers for PC price on Amazon

5. Nommo Chroma Full Range 2.0 PC Gaming Speakers for PC by RAZER

Gamers will definitely appreciate this model, one of the best among the best gaming speakers even though it’s slightly more expensive than some of those reviewed above. It stands out with the custom, optimized 3-inch woven fiberglass drivers that deliver the excellent power, full range sound, accuracy, and clarity, as well as a wide sound field. The special dedicated rear-facing bass ports and a bass knob with automatic gain control technology promote for powerful lows with easily adjustable and versatile controls of the audio performance. The headphone jack is also easily accessible as well as volume controls.

This audio system for computer playing games is outfitted with the Razer Chroma lighting (LED indicators for volume and bass level controls) that can make adjustments easier and more fun. All you need to get an impressive gaming immersion is a PC with a free USB port or 3.5mm jack. This pretty looking speaker has no separate bass though, you can choose this product for the reason of its stylish design and a decent sound quality.

Nommo Chroma Full Range 2.0 PC Gaming Speakers price on Amazon


Well, we can say that the best pc gaming speakers are those designed for passionate gamers who want to flood their entertainment rooms with the lifelike sounds of their favorite games. What will help you better understand that the sound speaker is a good choice for gaming? The perfect immersive gaming experience will bring a product with a powerful audio performance measured in Watts of peak or Watts (RMS) units, also with a variety of inputs and wide compatibility.

It also needs to be fitted with a decent subwoofer, amplifier, and two separate and easily adjustable volume and bass controls. THX certificate is also a pro. Budget is also one of the criteria, however, good gaming speakers can deliver you the truly impressive gaming experience, so it’s not a thing to never cheap out on it.