Sunday, 20 September 2020
Gaming Monitors Product Reviews

Looking for the Best Gaming Monitor under $200

Searching for the best gaming monitor fewer than 200 bucks is a challenging task. The overall quality involves not the resolution and response time only. Pro gamers know that the display lighting, namely the blue light from monitors, may cause eye damage, fatigue, headaches, and even sleep disorders. That’s why it is necessary to look for a monitor with a quality filter and an adjustable monitor stand that enables an optimal viewing position adjustment.

The selection of the best affordable monitor for game playing has a lot of criteria to consider. For this reason, we’ve researched the market to find the most decent, highly-rated, and popular gaming monitors that will not break the bank.

1. VG245H 24-inch Full HD 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor by Asus

24-inch Full HD 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor by Asus

Our top pick is an extremely popular monitor that has probably the best price-quality ratio on the market. This very best gaming monitor under 200 bucks features a rapid response time of 1ms due to its GameFast Input Technology that minimizes input lag and allows you to react quickly.

The display is ergonomically designed to enable finding your ideal viewing position with full height/tilt/pivot /swivel adjustments, while the unique EyeCare technology with low blue light and flicker-free filter settings promotes arranging truly lasting gaming sessions for differently lit environments. In addition, the exclusive GamePlus and GameVisual technologies provide the optimized visuals for different types of content and the enhanced color performance. Display’s wide connectivity incorporates two low input lag HDMI ports which are conveniently located on the stand and allow smooth plugging in your game console and any other HDMI compatible device.

The last but not least feature that creates the complete gaming experience is the FreeSync technology with 40~75Hz refresh rate and AMD Radeon GPUs; it allows eliminating screen tearing for the seamless visuals and smooth play in first person shooters, racing, real-time strategy games. Decent quality and reasonable price monitor – totally worth trying out.

1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor by Asus price on Amazon.

2. GN246HL Full HD 24-inch 3D Gaming Display by Acer

GN246HL Full HD 24-inch 3D Gaming Display by Acer
This LED gaming monitor can barely be attributed to the chosen price range, however, it’s totally worth mentioning in this review. The 1080p resolution is good enough to deliver excellent details, while the 100 million to 1 contrast ratio provides the bright and crystal clear image quality.

This display allows 170 degree horizontal and 160 degree vertical viewing angles, so you can gather your playmates for shared enjoyment. The outstanding visual performance is provided by the use of NVIDIA 3D Lightboost and NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready technologies, which offers an immersive and vivid 3D imagery. As one of the best gaming monitors under 200 dollars, this monitor has the ultra-rapid 1ms response time and supports 144Hz refresh rate, which results in the reduced deviations in transition time, thus, the top-quality moving images and immersive graphics. This widescreen monitor with an X-shaped stand has a super-slim profile, and yet, it’s fitted with all the necessary inputs, like VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

In addition, this item features eco-friendliness as it uses mercury-free white LED backlighting; it is also an energy-saver due to the special smart EcoDisplay technologies. Efficient and cost-effective display with a sleek design and excellent performance, all within a budget, what else can you ask for?

24-inch 3D Gaming Display by Acer price on Amazon.

3. RL2455 Zowie 24-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor by BenQ

This product features medium price tag and a number of impressive specs. Every gamer knows that poor visibility in dark scenes can cost him his game, that’s why the manufacturer has implemented the Black eQualizer color engine technology that enhances colors and allows spotting your enemies and quick reacting in critical combat. The visual clarity is also complemented by 12M:1 contrast ratio.

In addition, ZeroFlicker and Low Blue Light filters promote great eye care, while the dark-grey display frame reduces glare and light reflection from the screen to help you stay focused on the game, which is essential for competitive eSports games. The best gaming monitor under 200 bucks also utilizes the ultra-low input lag technology featuring the almost instant response with only 1ms (GTG) response time for the real-time movements reflection. Above all this, the monitor features the extended compatibility (due to built-in DVI-D, D-Sub, headphone jack, and dual HDMI ports) and special presets for RTS, FPS, and fighting game modes for a comfort of use. Full tilt adjustment, VESA mount ready, Smart Scaling mode and built-in speakers are added so to deliver a comprehensive gaming experience right out of the box.

24-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor by BenQ price on Amazon.

4. E205W-16008A 20-inch LED HD Monitor by Sceptre

This is the most affordable unit among the best gaming monitors under 200 dollars, so it has no jaw-dropping specs but can be a decent solution for those on a budget. The monitor has 1600 x 900 native HD resolution, built-in speakers, and VESA wall mount ready fastening. The display has a sufficient tilt ranging between 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward in order to enable adjusting the monitor and finding the optimum angle of viewing the monitor. The built-in HDMI port promotes delivering superior high-definition imaginary to the screen, while DVI and VGA inputs offer good connectivity with other devices. The monitor also features a high contrast ratio for a clearer image reflection and 5 ms response time for a seamless and fast transition of gaming activity on this LED screen. As a bonus, the product is fitted with the secure Kensington lock that efficiently prevents damage or possible steal.

20-inch LED HD Monitor by Sceptre price on Amazon.

5. Portable Gaming 10.1-inch HDR IPS Monitor by UPERFECT

The last item was selected for this top-5 review regarding the fact that a certain amount of gamers needs to play on the go. This very best gaming monitor under 200 bucks provides the 2K resolution (2560×1600), slim, ultra-light design, built-in speakers, bright colors and clear image (with average brightness 400cd/m2 and contrast type 1000:1), which are the important features for any game player. The IPS monitor offers the full viewing angle and compatibility with the mini HDMI-enabled devices, including PS3, PS4, Xbox, PS, other game consoles, and more. This highlight LED display is powered via micro USB 5V power supply cable or a portable power bank. The purchase will include the monitor with a stand, US plug, USB and HDMI cables. Plus a little extra for your confidence – you’ll get also 12-month warranty.

10.1-inch HDR IPS Monitor by UPERFECT price on Amazon.


In this review, the main criterion was a budget though, there are still other important things to keep in mind. Such specs include but not limited to: full HD or HDR resolution, the rapid response time of 1 to 5 milliseconds, flicker-free and anti-fatigue filters, 1000:1 contrast type, from 75 to 144 refresh rate, 20-inch or 24-inch viewable area, and wide connectivity.

These very best gaming monitors under 200 bucks provide immersive gaming experience while reducing eye strain, increasing comfort, and enhancing your gaming potential for the intensive gaming sessions.