Saturday, 31 October 2020

Color App gets hacked almost immediately

After just a short amount of time on the relevant stores, Colour app has already been hacked and it seems as though strangers have been accessing everybody’s photos. Using a fake location app and the device, users have been able to see the pictures taken all over the world which has rather destroyed the whole point of the app in the first place. Testers found that the fake location app enabled them to trick their phone into a different location and they even jumped into the headquarters of Color itself and saw the photo reel of the CEO, Bill Nguyen.

Despite many having concerns about privacy, Color don’t seem too worried about the problem saying that it has been a public app all along and that that fact has been stated right from the very beginning. The spokesperson for Color went on to say that they didn’t think that many people would take notice of the flaw and that pictures, comments, and videos, are all on the public domain for people to see anyway.

In essence, no privacy rules have been broken because Color failed to set any before release.