Sunday, 20 September 2020
Apple Mobile

Lower earnings for iPhone users

It is always interesting to learn the statistics behind technology and we have been granted that this week after a YouGov poll showed us that 20% of iPhone users admitted to being overdrawn in their main account. When compared to the average, this is double as only one in ten Brits can say the same.

On the other hand, over 50% of Android and BlackBerry users said that they never have to dip into their overdraft. This new information is certainly interesting because the figures are so vast with the differences clear to see; if it was a small difference, it wouldn’t even need to be noted. This YouGov poll is a continuation of their research into the connection between salary, financial status, and the choice of smartphone.

We also learned some other interesting pieces of information from the survey including the fact that iPhone users are, on average, earning less that BlackBerry and Android users in the UK. It is thought that 10% of all BlackBerry owners reach a £50,000 salary; for iPhone, this falls to just 5%. Whilst just 27% of Android users earn under £20,000, this figure jumps to nearly 50% for iPhone; BlackBerry sits at 38%.

Many experts have said that YouGov polls can’t be completely relied upon but the stats do make for interesting reading nevertheless.