Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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Getting The Best Neckband Headphones: Top 5 Choices

They rounded up me with some really confusing stuff when I went to buy simple headphones; “What’s the impedance that you’re looking for, would you like more bass or more treble?” and then finally they put a dumb-bell on my head which felt like a load. Good music should not come at the cost of bad advice and that’s why the days are gone when we needed to check spec for each option. Headphones are more or less equiloaded for our requirements, it’s the excess of features that help in making a choice.

Having noticed this; we’ve come to provide you with the comprehensive list and guide to choose the best Neckband headphones. Why Neckband? Because of the untangled wires, because it doesn’t weigh your head down and because they are very functional when it comes to portability. Simple needs of a music companion device…

Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Headphones-LBell 30 Hrs Playtime Wireless Neckband Design

Every one of the neckband headphones comes with retractable wires and magnetic ear-buds but not all of them have the rubber paint finish to ease your handling and make the device appear more regal when used in public. L-Bell USA has been doing so with its neckband series.

Plus it comes with auto-vibrate and number reading mechanism so that you’re able to enjoy the multi-function of music and caution for any calls coming through. Dedicated push buttons for managing call and a huge power backup of 16 hours music and 18 hours calling with 30 hours stand-by; isn’t something that everyone has to offer. Chose this for expertise in basic necessities of Neckband Headphones.

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Anker SoundBuds Lite Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Lightweight Neckband Headset

Anker personalises the depth out of Neckband headphones. Comes with custom sized ear wings, ear buds in all measures for multiple user fit. The time to full charge for this one is less than 1.5 hours (tested) which is the least among all. The water resistant coating (upto 30 meters under-water) with IPX5 Hydrophobic make is what adds to the features of this headphone. Plus the fans have been known to complement its noise cancellation features and so have our testers.

So for those who are more towards the sporty side of using their headphones, this one comes out as the best choice. With features meant for care-free usage Anker SoundBuds is the best Neckband Headphone to buy.

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Sony MDR-G45LP (Black)

Now who said that neckbands can only be good if they’re wireless? According to the best acoustics experts we found, chord based headphones given the right size of ear-buds can be better at sound quality than other neckband counterparts.

Sony MDR-G45LP is a trusted, most used and top reviewed choice of many online buyers. We know we talked against bass specs, but who doesn’t wants it. Apparently the 30mm neodymium buds is something that delivers best bass among all options available. Now despite being a dumb-bell or overhead neckband style headphone, this one has an anti-slip grip and the least voice distortion. Some things are best kept simple and that’s what Sony neckband Headphone is for.

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Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Neckband Wireless Sports Headset

When it comes to using a headphone both at work and at play, there are but a few things that bother with everyone’s choices. Levin has been specifically designed to cater this issue. The Bluetooth is designed maximum range of 15 meters and the anti-sweat buds are sure to keep them from stinking or for that matter slipping off.

With its unique fist foldable design and a travel case; it’s the most travel ready neckband headphone you could choose. It also has a good quality noise cancelation and makes for the most reliable out of all the options with a good average 3-5 years’ life. Choose this for multi-functionality and underdog special features it has.

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Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset

Gen 4 comes from the Bluetooth Gen 4.1 which enables this one to have the least lag and the best transmission quality. The CVC 6.0 Noise reduction makes the internal interference and circuit noise non-existent. The CSR8635 voice management chip is specifically designed to keep the music and calls functions separate so that none of the two interfere with the other. But the best quality of this neckband headphone is the weight. It merely comes for the 1.06oz and that makes it the most light weight neckband headphone; something that’s the premier requirement from this category.

With all these qualities one is sure to get the best sound quality, most pure studio like experience and most convenient usage. Choose this for the best technology and reasonable comfort.

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As we said, the neckbands are all about how easily can they be worn on a run, while cycling, resting at your office; possibly anywhere. Follow the above mentioned list and be free from any concerns of getting the services both quality and ease wise; that you’re looking for.