Saturday, 31 October 2020
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Top 5 – Best Mini Drones

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about mini drones is that they are fun things to have and use. They can do more than peep over the fence at the neighbour’s garden though. They can be used to capture special moments which you would not normally see such as pictures of wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations and games to mention a few.

Mini drones can even be used for exploring the nature areas such as rivers and marshes where you may not be able to walk.

You will find when you start looking for a mini drone that there are hundreds on the market and choosing one can be difficult. Here we have reviewed the top 5 best mini drones for you.

1. Mini Quadcopter Drone with Camera

This mini drone is the perfect choice for kids and beginners. It is small enough to slip into a pocket or small travel bag. The drone comes with a camera which can take pictures as well as video of a high-quality clarity.

The mini drone is very rugged (perfect for kids) and the LED lights let you know which way the drone is facing as you fly it.

There are two flight modes which means that the drone can be flown at super high speed or a slower speed which is great when learning to fly it. It is easy to switch between the two speeds.

The customer service which comes with this drone is excellent, so whether you need help with photos or landings, the team will be at the end of the phone to answer them all. The lightweight and ruggedness of this drone makes it one of the best mini drones on the market.

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2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

This mini drone comes with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system which makes it more flexible and stable, and easier to fly. The drone handles wind well and has a flight time of around 8 minutes before needing to be charged again. Charging time is around 60 minutes.

It is important to take a ten-minute break before flights to ensure all the internal parts cool down before using again.

Because the drone weighs less than 0.55lb you do not need any FAA registration to fly it. The drone comes with a clear and precise instruction manual which is easy to read and is perfect for pilots 14 years and over. The versatility and stability of this drone make it one of the best drones for youngsters.

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3. Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

This ultra-portable mini drone is designed to be rugged and compact. You will notice that the joysticks are smaller than normal and the smooth design slips right into a pocket or bag. The tiny size makes it perfect to fly around tight corners and in small spaces.

The drone is of the headless type which allows you to orientate the drone according to the controller. This makes flying easier and there is less chance of losing the drone.

There is a one-key start feature which makes it easy for beginners as well as pros to handle the drone with confidence.

The drone has two speeds and you can choose which speed you want by using the gears. With the touch of the button you can roll the drone 360 degrees. This is a fun mini drone which is perfect for younger kids and makes it one of the best top drones for value for money.

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4. DROCON GD60 Mini Drone

The sheer size of this mini drone makes it perfect to take anywhere with you. The drone measures 74x74x24mm so can fit into any small space in a bag or pocket.

Despite the size, the drone delivers speed and power, and can easily do 3D flips with the touch of a button. The drone comes with a built in 720p HD camera which take incredible pictures and videos.

The drone is a headless mode type and has three speeds which will suit any operator from beginner to experienced flyer. The headless mode enables you to fly to any location without concern about the direction the drone is facing.

This mini drone has everything going for it and is certainly one of the best mini drones on the market. It would make a perfect gift for any flier.

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5. REDPAWZ H36 Mini Drone

This drone is the headless type, and with the touch of a button will do a 360-degree flip or a continuous roll. The 6-axis gyroscope means better stability, and also better control in the wind.

The control board comes with LED lights which make night flying great and easy. The functions include up/down/left/right/forward/back/ side right/side left/flip 360/headless mode/ speed file/memory function so everything you want to do is possible with this mini drone.

The drone fits into a small carry bag and is sturdy and durable – perfect for youngsters as well as experienced fliers.

The drone is very easy to operate and changing blades is quick and simple. Overall, this is one of the best mini drones around, and suitable for all levels of experience.

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Drones are fun! Mini drones are even more fun! These are small enough to carry in a pocket or small bag and impress your friends with the amazing pictures and videos you can shoot with them. Whatever your budget, one of these drones will be perfect for you.