Saturday, 31 October 2020
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Top 5 – Best Short Throw Projectors

Many people do not know the difference between a long throw and short throw projector. Short throw projectors have a ratio of less than 1, and often down to 0.4, which means that from as little as 3 feet away you can fill an 8’ screen.

The ‘throw’ is the amount of distance you would need to get your image onto the wall and is the distance between the projector and the wall or screen.

One of the most obvious reasons for buying a short throw projector is that there is less room between the screen and the projector so there is less room for anyone to get in the way and block the image.

There are hundreds of short throw projectors on the market, with a daunting amount of information. Here we have reviewed the top five best short throw projectors for you.

1. Optoma EH319UST 1080p 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Projector

This is one of the best ultra-short throw projectors around. You will find it comes with 1080p, 3,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 18000:1 making the images large, clear and shadow free. This ultra-short projector is perfect for smaller spaces.

The lamp life is about 6500 hours and the powerful 16-watt speaker delivers great sound. The projector can deliver a 100” image from 13” away, and you will notice the vivid colours right away.

The connectivity is extensive and the projector robust and sturdy. It is easy to use and packs away into a small space so perfect for taking on holiday with you.

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2. ViewSonic PJD5553LWS Short Throw Projector

For a small machine, this projector delivers big screen viewing at 120” from 4’ away. 3200 lumens ensure that the picture is clear and vivid every time.

The lamps last upwards of 10,000 hours and shine brightly all the time. The projector has flexible connectivity and supports most media players and mobile devices.

Included in the package is a power cable, VGA cable and remote control. The projector comes with a 3-year limited parts and labour warranty, 1-year lamp coverage and as much help as you need from the customer services team, making this one of the best short throw projectors for your money.

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3. Vankyo Leisure 3 Portable Projector

The projector is powered by the unique MStar advanced colour system and the upgraded LED lighting means 40% more brightness than other similar projectors.

The projector delivers a large image from 32” – 176” from a distance of between 4’ and 16’, although the ideal viewing distance is about 6’5”.

The projector comes with a fan noise suppression system and a cooling system which cuts the noise of the fan in half.

This projector works best in the home and is ideal for any home entertainment, which along with the 3-year, 100% money back guarantee, makes this one of the best portable short throw projectors on the market.

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4. Vamvo ultra mini portable projector

This tiny frame of just 5.7 x 3.2 x0.9 inches make this an ideal projector to carry with you anywhere. Not only is it small enough to carry, but it is also easy to set up. Great for small meetings and get-togethers, classrooms or business places.

The colour is vivid and bright with a maximum resolution of 1080p. The ideal screen size is 80” at a distance of 5’.

The projector is compatible with most iPhones, iPads and similar devices, and comes with an 18-month warranty.

The tiny size of this projector makes it one of the best ultra-short throw projectors available right now.

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5. PIQS TT Virtual Touch Portable

This projector has a life of 3 hours without being connected to the power supply so is great for use outdoors. The projector has Bluetooth USB, wi-fi, and several other devices to easily connect to. The LED light source means the colours are vivid and bright all the time. They are bright enough to still look good on a screen of 200”.

You will find that this projector is particularly user friendly and streams tirelessly. The life of the light is 30,000 hours and the throw distance is between 36” – 40”.

The projector is portable enough to carry around easily and can be stored in any small space until needed. For a portable projector, this is one of the best short throw projectors on the market.

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Wherever you plan to use your projector, we think you will find the ideal short throw projector from the five that we have reviewed.